Dirty Voices

The voice
voice of heaven
can be heard inside us
noise of vox
is the want of wants
empty eventually
a haunted house

Birds and their vanity
humans and their territory
so fundamentally flat
say the word sing about the song
sharp as a tack.

Rings the voice of an angel
telling men not to sin
then she takes off her white dress
saying look at my bare skin.

You said
worship nature
nature said you’re a shit
nature when
banged up bad
turns around and shines
hand to mouth and hand full
turning into phone calls
under tall tower
and twinkling star.

Don’t trust the innocent
they have ways of getting at you
librarians on fire
taking off one strap at a time
all their attire.

Bless America’s willingness
to tell all of the tall tales
truth is only a thirsty man
sipping out of the holy grail.

I made a
voice from dry sticks and
crumbled rocks under pressure
mixed it
mixed with spit
applied it to my lips
and larynx and tongue
I made it sing
about tomorrow.

Who will warble with me
cantilate like old whisky
jugular to jugular whisper
lyrics to Ipanema and Misty?


[A in 4/4]
Em // Bb11  Bb13 ///  FMa9 //  C#m7 D9 ///
G9 // E7  Bb13 /// A7 ///  G#m7 /// F# // ////

[B in 3/4]
G#m7b5 //  ///  D // C //
G#m7 //  F#m7 //  C // G7 //

[C in 4/4]
A6 /// ////  C9 ///  ////
A6 /// ////  C9 ///  ////


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