Broke Or Left Undone

Marty had a way of being
what you did
not expect
Marty had a tendency to
bust his head through walls the rest of us
did not even see.

Throw a big rock into the lake
waves go out from that spot
sounds like a tin can getting kicked
have we been caught or not?

Brothers haven’t got a clue to
who is who
day to day
but if one of us has been through
something what can any one of us
say or try to do?

Marty bulldozed things he did not
know about
or care about
then again he had a way of
fixing what somebody else had
broke or left undone.

Throw a big rock into the lake
waves go out from that spot
sounds like a tin can getting kicked
have we been caught or not?


A / E /
G7 / D9 /
C6 / F13 / Am11 / E7
A / E /
G7 / F7 /
D7 / Gdim7 / Bm7 ///
[NV] A / C9 / F#13 / D9 /

EMa9 /// DMa9 / Ab6 /
G7 /// B7 ///
EMa9 /// DMa9 / Ab6 /
G7 /// B7 ///

E /// //// E /// ////
Am11 /// E // G7 D7 /// E7 ///

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Revelation Revolution


I am in a conversation with non-talkers
wondering why they’re so misunderstood.
They habitually stay in contact although
their voices are smothered under pillows
of suppression.

I am staring like a seeker in the cellar
square outside, square in the heart
square footseps, square under the willows.
The tree of life is rectangular.
The words we rely on are boxes and
the well is a deep room lined in brick
protecting pure pentagons of black

When so much manufacturing is gift-wrapped
and what people learn gets taken back
everyone’s afraid to live in the world.
Instead they want to be part of the sterile

I have a big idea about natural events
like coming to realize that you’ve been wrong
or finding yourself on very thin ice
or being slapped down cuz yer still in training.
The idea is that it may take years and years
of making corrections and navigating choppy
waters before taking the helm of the new

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Mothers and fathers love
to talk about the early years
when they were growing up
when theiir kids were rattling
cages big and small and throwing
everything from socks to rocks
at the pillars of society
and the family. That’s when
they felt the most alive.

The two political parties got out
a canvas to paint a picture
of the nation. Swashes
of background and swishes
of impressionistic flashing
highlights upon deliberately
dark sections of shadow,
laters of personality upon
foundations of prejudice –
a portrait – the only problem is
it doesn’t look like any of us.

I went to the museum
to discover my culture
each piece staged and labelled
each one lit and catalogued
engineered to be seen
dramatically apart as art.
then I walked downtown
the past and future arguing
with present as artitrator.
Everyone had their say
and nobody got their way
and it was alive.

Two best friends used to
converse over coffee every Saturday.
Homer and Shakespeare
writing themselves into stories.
Two writers in their own play
when along comes Dylan who
doesn’t get along and takes pride
in forcing the dead men
to come alive.


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In the background a promise
there is a spring coming
I have felt it before
but this is new
the spring we fashioned
last fall to season
underground and swell
to grow inside itself
and be felt new now
coming into ourselves
the spring we planted
in our not so youthful
youth when you blossomed
me and I let you pull
myself out of a blazing
summer the kind when
we feel it is the end
of surviving and the last
of imbibing but you
went with me to the concert
and came to my apartment
and we drank of it
the wet unchanging
unquitting spring.

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He worked days at a pawnshop
selling guns and low-end guitars.
He knew everybody in the valley
but nobody really knew him.

The diminished alternates
with augmented tension and
after a dalliance with minor
it’s home again home.

The folksinger felt deeply
but not about anyone particular.
He wrote songs of abiding love
and universal faithlessness.

The first verse introduces
the character whose troubles
develop til you feel
at home in them.

He wondered what his mother
would think about what’s happening
in town and around the world
if she were still alive.

She came from a family
with no college or money.
She told him to work
hard but love art.

Most nights he wrote and composed
in the limbo where freedom meets structure.
Weekends his regular gig was
at the hippy bar across the tracks.

If you practice your heart out
and let your fingers go
and the lyrics are honest
you’ll bring the crowd home.

The diminished alternates
with augmented tension and
after a dalliance with minor
it’s home again home.


[verse in 3/4]
F9 // /// D7 // /// [NV] G9 D7 //
F9 // /// D7 // /// [NV] F7 G7 //
F9 // /// D7 // /// [NV] G9 D7 //
Dm7 // Cm7 // G // /// [NV] C7b5 // C9 //
G7 // F7 // G7 // F7 // Bb7 // A7 //

[B in 4/4]
Am /// ////
F7 / G7 / F7 / G7 /
D9 /// ////
C9 /// //// ////


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First Last Essences


I am not one to give advice
except to myself when feeling
especially wise or vulnerable
then it just comes out.

First thing in the morning stretch
second priority a pure thought
only third is the first breath
allowed to fill my vacant spaces.

When traveling to a new city take
your bearings then mark a landmark
only then will it make any sense
to lose yourself in its centers.

When you can’t take any more, breathe,
take a clean thought and stretch
its edges outward, its several centers
thrust into a new starting place.

As light is lightening into the edges
where is my landmark and where
are my bearings? Out go bare hands
into the cool air to find a warmth.

First thing felt is raw outwardness
the over the under of before need
second a palpitation in incipient
hope, the kind you umm satisfied.

My first my last my essence
do not laugh at me when I talk
like this I am being honest
I just described what happened to me.


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Keep forgetting
for no reason
forlorn bits.

Workers overworked
wealthy over-riched
ideas over-thought-
through with nuts.

Gadgets relied upon
all of us spied on
faith pushed onto
dawn’s eerily light.

How does one break in
the right door mistaken for
an unbroken algorithm
pursued for its own sake?

Mangled e-world, tangled i-string
deconstracted it springs back and
with logic flung like a rope bridge
across the chasm pretending to separate
white and black from where we habitate

Flimsy it flops.

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