Son father brother
cousin uncle husband
player of any rule
challenger of any game
takers comers equals
climber of muscular trees
digger of murky holes
good at finding and filling

Fearless magnate
maker of decisions
with rightness of boyishness
I pick my prickly path
between impossible rocks
after complex risk analysis
my short-term future sets
a course for all to follow
but me.

A patch on one eye
a limping swagger
growl of intimidating
self-proclaimed authority
wanderlust and a way
of scanning my good
eye across horizons
I’m called what I’m not –

I can delineate my selves
in isolated musings cutting
off aspects like limbs, cut from
the decorative paper of plan.
Richer to embed embracer
converser arguer laugher
singer of choruses and folk
songs and my favorite, lover
of angels.

With a weatherman’s aplomb
I call down crystals
of morphological meaning
from where they are
composed, precipitating
in frigid silence so that
they get heavy, descend
and arrange themselves
on my page.




About mrsorenson

NOT my president
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