Rocky Top Donald Trump


Everyone says education is
the key to your success
learn to get good grades for being a
man who settles for less.

Get a job with a corporation that
takes good care of itself.
Spend your weekends in the office
sacrificing yourself.

Pour me down a long side of a glass
cold as a springtime runoff.
Laugh at me as I land on my ass
when I run for office.

All the millennials know the problems
but what are their answers?
A meme at a time they turn semblance of
pounding into hammers.

Weddings are the biggest reason for
debt and family feuds.
Invite all your irrelevant relatives
make sure it’s all beautiful.

Land of the free and the entitled
we are all millionaires.
Just make sure you don’t come knocking
at the doors of any frontiers.

Donald Trump is a Christain like
Jesus was a Roman.
Lie your way into history and
you’re a true American.

Mama told us and Daddy too
to act like we were civilized.
All we need is tax reform
and a few more enemas.

Wheat stands in the field golden
rule of law stands and will
outlast this nepotism
and the redneck dollar bill.


xmas 2017
Amerika USA



About mrsorenson

NOT my president
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