Fool’s Theorem


I have a neighbor who says,
“The tree in my yard bears
fruit therefore there is no
pestilence or pollution out there
causing yours not to grow.”

I’ve heard the word on the farm
I’ve read in books in the city
the same but opposite story,
“My world is just and right.
Their world is hallucinatory.”

Common sense is commonly used
by the many to silence the few
my majority tells you to
stay in the fields to pick my cotton
and never step where you ought not.

I have a brother barking
like a dog about his culture
not being a culture at all
but rather the underlying
reality beyond our control.

The church bells ring for believers
to gather the locals together
the pastor and the parishioner
scrub each other’s hands and feet
of outside dirt and light and heat.

Part of the law of unintended
consequences says that those
who refuse to look for them
will encounter the most and this
is known as the Fool’s Theorem.

A child who grows in otherness
is a wanderer from the cradle
her rhymes are blue mornings
her fables are stormy evenings
her leaving home natural.


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