(America’s) Rash of Genius

with a rash of genius, high
on pills running through the hills
gives names to all of the stars
then tries to shoot them down

A land where all the right words
make noise, make noise
hand on heart to the latest scourge.

smoking behind the orphanage
sets the whole place on fire
then bravely rushes into the blaze
to rescue all the children.

Nation of men, a nation of women
in trenches, in a war
all about sex and exploitation.

singing off key in harmony
making something out of nothing
inventing a cure for happiness
then tossing it into the river.

We live in the shadow of monuments
to both art and avarice
built by slaves and journeymen.

does too much, goes too far
slumped over in a neighborhood bar
climbs a peak to plant a flag
gives to charity with a loud swagger.

We cry into the electric air
come back, come back
but we were never really there.


C /// ////
G /// ////
Bb /// ////
E /// D9 ///
B7 / Gdim7 / Ab69 / G7 / C /// ////

D /// ////
C#Ma7 / Am7 / Gm7 ///
D /// Bm7 /// F#m7 /// G7 ///



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