Contemporaneous Blues

Contemporaneous blues
appearing in purple and black
and white and chameleon
more tones than can be counted
flowing from the triotic
rootless azure fountain
it speaks and sings and who knows
what gets concluded.

Can’t seem to lose
these contemporaneous blues
I find them in my car
before I drive very far
they follow and tailgate me
they honk and flip me off
and in the rear-view mirror I see
the past getting lost.

Like a child with only one marble
like a birthday at some terrible age
a stark reminder of dark days
when everything is going well
these blues may seem crazy
but they are anything but.

The blues are current
but think they are permanent
mindfully forever mixing
short summer and shivering winter
they cannot be argued with
ignored or placated these
oxymoronic and enigmatic
contemporaneous blues.




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