Stones and Snapshots


On top of a hill
overlooking the confluence
of two young rivers
merging to endlessness

So many photographs
taken and lost
who knows the cost
of forgetting?

The most colorful
birds are found
in the old cemetary
rarely visited

A daughter age one
a mother and wife
aged sixty-seven living
longer than everyone

When they were mind
my oldest children
smiled for my camera
without slowing down

If carved in tone
a name and a date
will outlive a city
and escape memory

In honor we place
coins and pretty rocks
on top of monuments
to keep them alive

Also sometimes
flags or colored rags
or dolls or sunglasses
here and there a snapshot

I remember Mau-Mau
my kids’ dachshund
they’d sleep together
in that house behind the capitol

I walk among
long-shadowed stones
flagging my favorite


About mrsorenson

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