Art and the Other Arts


The marketing director at a software firm
had a sense that it wasn’t enough
to follow the rules about breaking rules.
It wasn’t enough to climb some damn ladder
leading to more of same.

Painting after she got home
showed her the road out of town
brush in hand and eye on the horizon
painting was the mercurial kindergarten
she was robbed of.

An accountant married the kind of woman
his mother would’ve chosen for him.
For as many hours as he could squirrel away
he antidoted his perfect torment
in the kitchen in the oven
in desserts.

Baking was like numbers that didn’t add.
Cuisine was like predicting life from death.
The sugar, the yeast, the odd guessing
was a poetry so far away from
mom and dad.

Taxi driver from Sarajevo
never sure about all the subtleties
of communication in the big city.
He like working the airport because
of all the foreigners.

Art blew his hat off.
Art clouded and cleared his sky.
The fear of art whistled in his ear.
The love of art told him
he could fly.

Dental hygenist marriage on the rocks
two kids ten years apart.
All the idealism she got going to church
has left her in the lurch of a heart
still seeking.

Poetry cut her hair off.
Poetry fertilized her fallow garden.
Poetry all the way back to Eve.
The practice of poetry baptized her appetite
for angelic art.


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