Disgusting Donald


Donald the terrier
yap yap bark bark
wants to dig his
holes in the park.

If others fall in
that’s not his problem
after all he’s not
the one on the bottom.

Donald the amphibian
chirp chirp ribbit ribbit
he lives for your
attention so give it.

He expects americans
to be just like him
when it’s obvious they’re not
he throws a tantrum.

Donald the potato bug
rolls into a small ball
all those who voted for him
crawl into a dark hole.

Pain and ugliness reign
nobody will admit now
they thought he would
do some kind of good.

Donald the little boy
his world a country club
brain like a nine iron
hits everything hard.

He tweets what he thinks
embarassing the rest of us
He eats too much expressing
the essence of smugness.

Donald living in himself
family living in Versailles
the crowns upon their heads
darken all our skies.




About mrsorenson

NOT my president
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