Mister Dinosaur

Fathead leadership
an obesity problem between the ears

Got more money than sense
mister dinosaur
he ain’t so much for as against
mister dinosaur
proven wrong he doesn’t flinch
mister dinosaur

Strikes out before he thinks
mouthy venomous
his bite is empty his voice stinks
mouthy venomous
teetering on his own brink
snake in the grass

Stooped under his own weight
mister hippo
as stupid as a freight train
mister cocaine
he’s an ill-timed punchline
to an unfunny joke

clueless and artless
frat boy in a fart contest


F /// F7 ///
C7 /// D7 ///
F /// F7 ///
G7 /// Am7 ///
C7 / C9 / G7 /
Am7 / F /// ////

Bbm7 /// Bbm6 /// Gb13 /// G7 /// //// ////

C / F / C / G7 / C /// Am7 ///
Bbm7 / Ab7 / Gm7 / C7 / F /// Ab7 ///


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