You are nowhere but where you are
sitting in a chair or a stool or a booth
nobody more anonymous than a man
in a bar avoiding the truth.

When the longest day is darkest night
when who did what comes to light
I’ll be nameless.

I’m at thirty six hundred and a half
on the fifty nine hundred block
of Milwaukee and Pawtucket
in the city of brotherly anonymity.

When the thermometer in Times Square
hits the bottom I’ll be there
one of the masses.

I was born in love and my whole life
been driving truck with an empty load
I’m Tom Joad with a crush on Cher
I’m Sonny Bono running from the mayor.

Anonymous is my first name
Romulus my brother called me Otto
middle name Spud last name Nobody
the bartender thinks I’m Doctor Chicago.

When my wife calls when the bills are due
when the parrot says, ‘It’s you, it’s you!”
I’ll be anonymous.


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NOT my president
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