Real and Useful


Everything from electrons
to solar systems and horseheads
fashioned by convention in stardust
is grouped by type.

Friends, lovers, salts, metals
are raw materials for the similarity machine
brought to the mill for prep and processing
within our parameters.

Dawn does not budge for hours
hardly a line, the horizon escapes
any heavy-handed expectation that
it will not dance around.

No telling what dangles above
in the shade of the maple do not look up
there is nothing for your intrusive eyes
in the top boughs.

The split-tail circling flit-birds
start before the rest of us and work late
black on the back but bellies gray as mice
I have never seen one land.

Is the real useful
or we might ask contrarily is the useful
real? Have I made of my sweetheart seven
sisters with a story?

Indeed even my words
tug and pound at each other’s functions
ostracizing the ill-fitting and orphans
of other consciousnesses.


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