Communal Cognition


Did you hear that?
What he had come to
finally arrived at
what had become clear
to the human after
studying crickets
and scientific kin in
myriad thin slices
of behavior sexual
and evolutionary
over twenty crisp years
of dim specialization
drilling down to
super definition
of critical issues
cared about by none
not wife and kids
or even the crickets who
seemed only concerned
with honing their skills.

It was all about how
as they say in so many
fields it all depends
on the tit and tat
the click and chatter
between active specimens
in contexts of contiguous
contact and communication
seeking effective facility
for generating synchronicity
it was all about how
as he liked to say in meetings
the needy could pull needs
out of the black top hat
of clarified commonality
where you show somebody
who is in the same boat
that you are in the same boat
and therefore want
what you know they want.

Having duly recorded and
analyzed and catalogued
a million tiny significant
events of rasp and chirp
of birdlike flutter and
of squirrelish bluster
of territorial piss
of competitive vinegar
of desire to mate
of refusal to separate
of falling short of suffering
from utter loneliness
the researcher reached
a prime and primal
non-empirical miracle.

What he had come to
and clearly arrived at
was to say to himself,
Did you hear that?
No, not that. That.
He rubbed his legs together
and felt good about himself
having truly epiphanized
what sort of borderless
effort toward liason
might arise or be forged
between beings as discordant
as grillidae with antennae
and homo with empathy.
His head picked up perked
with the desire to share
the experience with a companion
but he had none
and so directed
his intense attention
back to his insects
wondering if one could
recognize his recognition
of a communal cognition.



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