All Odds of Survival


For how long have we been doing this
trapeze and unicycle dance blindfolded
this death-defying tongue-twister with no net
since poems were first uttered and fine pottery
fired the eye.

Sensed like magnetism in the mountain
crossing all contours of mood and color
laws radiating from and belonging to
a consciousness below and above human
as uncaring as fact.

Man stands within wind of waterfall
he knows it is massive and he is small
nevertheless a red snake in his psyche
steps in to defy all odds of survival
for the sake of cred.

No I will not follow you on anything
leading into the fishnet catching us
dolphins so that our dorsal and
frontal lobes may be datamined
and turned into cat food.

Withdrawing from the headlines of jive
self-deprived and sucking out venom
invisible as an aquifer as life-giving
as a partner not yet found but willing
to save a friend.

How long have we been doing this
stock-picking pyramid-building
and this dart-tossing future-forcing?
How long spread-eagle under the sun can we
pretend we’ve won?

Arrives woman perhaps we hope
sweeping flying scraping and not buying
the one at the well with a gourd for the stranger
who picked me up broken and healed
our stolen bones.


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