Elevated and Descended

What we cannot hear
from here on the ground
is the crashing formation
of ice crystals in clouds.

Clicking atomic hands-on cascading of proud
particulate skydivers clasping in eight ways
the invisible net that becomes our environment.

What we cannot see
from twenty nine thousand feet
is competition for food
between like-minded species.

The foxes and I know where all the coops are
and where and when the dogs sleep at midnight
we dig under the framing to make off with a hen.

What cannot be pinned down
from any public viewpoint
are the personal motives
that make or break an act.

Not a democrat and not a pervert republican
not willing to fuck over either my boss or my workers
just sit down and talk to me about ramadan.

What individuals always miss
about reality seems to often be
the making of solid history
from uncountable idiosyncracies.

Millions of men cannot find work unless
they delete their experience from their resumes
you can call that progress or you can call that a crime.

What the young morning brings
is finding out that there is more here
than can be put on like pants
than can fill the fearful belly.

Above, I am a page turning over in its grave
below. the chin rests on a rock and observes the ritual
of lurking underneath the bridge of good behavior.


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