Concentrate Like a Bug

Born with work in mind and in the wings
right to move and left to store for next year
as practical as a concentrating caterpillar.

Bees buzz all day long
keeping the hive strong
if one dies it
knows it has been faithful
best to be at rest
once all your use is gone.

Meant to be busy like pioneers
no one to rely on but your imagination
food will not grow itself without active meditation.

Three is more than one
four generations
later now we’ve
stepped into the future
gazing at forever
as if we were there.

Like the tiny ant
I can’t stop until I
walk as far as I wish I could fly
to bring back wisdom.

Like the grub I am
all I know makes me go
I can see as clearly as the way ahead
what all grubs know.

13 May 2017  (lyrics)
6 May (music)

[4/4]  D7 ///  Am ///
F#m7b5 ///  G / Abm11 /  Ebdim7 /  Am7 /
G7 / C /   ////  ////

[3/4]  D6 //  C //
D69 //  Cm7 //
Abm11 //  ///
G6 ///  ///
[4/4] Bm7 ///  G69 ///
Bm7 ///  Gadd9 ///

[4/4]  Gm11 / F7 /   C /// ////
F9 G9  Am7 /   Gm7 Am7  E7 /
C9 /  Bm11 /  F9 /
Abdim7  Gbdim7   C9 ///   G6 ///


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