Opposable Thumbs

Pick up your half-completed tasks
half of them are waiting for you
dropped on the road like so much trash
your future might as well be there.
You and I are not the sort of
animal to wallow in a
pile of old clothes or in a
stack of strewn straw.
In the mess the mind is saying, voila.

When I was young as grass
when you were fast as spring
nothing could rein us in
we lived in the passing lane.
Now we are at the age when
we are supposed to build
a house out of our nonsense.

Take hold of pieces that are parts
place them end to end to center
keep your eye on how its form starts
to make an over out of the under.
If you only paw around and
play with how the rattling sounds
what can come from
all your fiddling?
We have more to give than idle drumming.

There is a time to dream
after the sun goes down
but when the morning comes
put on your heavy duty boots
get out your tools and use
your opposable thumbs.

Em /  F13 /  D6 / G7 /
D9 ///   C9 ///
F# Em F# Em  G Em Bb A
G13 ///  A13 ///
GMa7 /  Am7 /
C7 / G7#5 /
E9  D9  Gm7  F#m7
Em11 D7 Bbm7 Am7
D7  D7b5  G7 F#7   C6 ///  E9 ///

C6 ///
Bm7 ///
D9 ///
Eb9 ///
G ///
AMa7 / Bm7 /
D7 ///  ////


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