Single One Only

Here is another dream.
I share it to not forget it.

Someone with a reputation as
a wise man instructed me
socratically how to look at
a picture, any picture actually,
with such a dense intensity
that my eye could find
that single, one, only point
that contained everything.

After trying it for a while
it began to work out well.
The seeing became a dazzling
instead of something felt.
The normal and begrudging
experience of vision
as passive apprehension
became art.

Then after an afternoon
of it the sky filled with a sort
of loquacious or even gabby
overlayering of voices,
colors and tastes on the tongue.
It made me remember how
I could only sleep in Texas
if my brain were saturated.

As always my skeptical
and analytical mind began
to ask if if and how it worked
for all formats and media.
The single, one, only point
could not be digital as well as
painted and photographic
or drawn with a pencil.

As always the asking took
the air out of the question.


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