What Flies

The husband and the wife each had an idea
about where to celebrate their anniversary
up into the mountains or to the big city
they compromised and had fish for dinner.

The youth got out of the university
and wrote up a plan for the next five decades
then he ran into sufficient adversity
that his plan was backtracked and ricocheted.

The mayor spoke up and ran a concept
up the public flagpole until
the citizens asked quextions to pin it down
and that concept was quickly killed.

The president overheard some people
talking about an opinion they’d overheard
and all this overheard opinionating
was like the twittering of so many birds.

The witch woke up from a strong dream
there were palm trees and a feeling of freedom
she conjured up three or four good meanings for it
then got on a plane and flew to Fiji.


About mrsorenson

NOT my president
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