Why We Cannot See Ghosts

Because their messages are not for us right now
but may be in some troubled tomorrow
and time travel is still against the law.

Because our doors are closed and should be open
or they are ajar when they should be fastened
and the exact calculus is around a corner.

Because we are busy, too busy to look
in one direction for as long as it would take
for our temples and bellies and spines to get in focus.

Because we jabber too much and the warm air
is filled with arguments instead of being clear –
the buzzing back n forth is a verbal veil.

Because we are not naked and our clothing
smells of factories and are full of chemicals
and we are only sensitive to what is manufactured.

Because along the way we stopped being people
turned into dry words on crumpled paper
worshipping at the altar of each other’s approval.


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2 Responses to Why We Cannot See Ghosts

  1. huzaifazoom says:

    Because we care not for the word but
    for the ointment that palliates the
    verb into believing it is on and about.

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