As Far As It Goes

To keep a good heart good
in a dark dreary world
is an art not everyone
lives and breathes
lives and breathes
or carries on.

To smile at the little things
and help them feel bigger
is an art only the good-hearted
carries on
carries on
and starts daily.

How far can your sight be seen
depends partly on who you have been
for the selfish maybe the tip of the nose
for the simple it goes
as far as it goes.

It will not be in the news
the supermarket can’t find it
not difficult but hard to do
the art the craft of
visualizing another’s
point of view.

[for my oldest daughter on her birthday]

Bb6 ///        Bb6 /  C9 /
Bb6 /  A7 /  A7/ C9 /
F7 ///           F / Gdim7 /
Am7 / Fdim7 /  BbMa9 / C7 /
Ab7 /  Gm7 /  ////

Gm7 / Am7 /  Bb6 / AMa7 /  F9 ///  ////
Gm7 / Am7 /  Bb6 / AMa7 /  Db9 ///  ////
C7 / D7 /        Gm7 / F13 /    Eb7 ///  D7 ///



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