Counting On

The common good the general welfare
is bought by the many for the few
paid for by juggling credit cards.

Not half the empirical people
want more girls in science
you can’t please half
the empirical people
half the time.

This land majestic, who’ll protect it
from the children digging holes
and burning bonfires like vikings?

A quarter of the crowd on the boardwalk
have seen time on the battlefield
still an untouched quarter
want to sent the young
off as fodder.

One percent is gold, and another silver
they live in lead-lined culture shelters
scattered is the percentage of catalyzers.

Public schools once for the public
being occupied by uniforms
with glee clubs and gymnastic
twisting of torsos into
the fast track.

We are all holding cards and counting
on the face of the dealer to melt
and give us the queen we need.


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