The Slow Angels of Quickening

Sent by the senders
to mend the unfixed
to reckon the leftover
feather of listening
strung like a harp
not to be isolated
except in decoration
a repetitive symbol
reminding the deaf to
be intrepid. There is
still Azdirimoth.

of distant lineage
visits only twice
in every lifetime.
Once when dire ill
shadows hunker
then when smoke
of cherry rises
inside up altering
forever whatever
comes out the mouth.
Yes Farmalis.

He is good-edged
spider-hearted with
enough venom in
each whisper to
make you lie down
where earth bulges
above the tepid
circling bay waters.
You can tell time
by the vibrations
put into blood by
the creeping sharpness
left behind when
Slandin-Tob leaves.

when winter morning
reveals the blue
in the black and shows
how the delicacy
of middle-age comes
to crystalize out of
childhood sugars and
adolescent saltiness
ladder and hook
from horizon to eye
watch for


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