Petite Parlance

Are you from here?
Am I enchanté or
should I steer clear?
How warm is it today?
Am I annoying you
or is my love true?

Show me a smile
take off your glasses
and read on my braille
with a literate caress
yes I am outrageous
oui je suis désireux.

Pourquoi pretend
you are bored ignoring
my mildly haunting
ma bouche espérant
half full half empty
jusque satisfaction.

The music of a crowd
la melodie du proximité
cash registers and loud
kitchen cacaphony
air perfect like coffee
night like philosophy.

La jeunesse c’est vite mais
maturation gets old
we try not to fossilize
settling into our forgetting
the long way home
jackets zipped up.


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