Surviving Simply

The world is not on a shelf in the shed
out of the way is in the way when
shoulder-rubbing is the very design.

Citizens like horses in Victorian
streets in blinders straight-ahead only
no looking aside or at each other
definitions and arts on a grid.

We cannot survive on what comes
in a freeze-dried box or out of a can
a thousand generations and we are still foragers.

Good science stuck in a cul-de-sac
is chewing gum and then spitting it out
journalism is dog-eared, outdated
it’s all personal, just decide for yourself.

The gut thrives and the ear demands
diet that is harmonious and raucous
like a child loves a scary circus.

So my friends in the metropolis
look for food wherever you thought
there was not a plot to cultivate
root or sprout or healthy conflict.


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