Who Got Fooled

Trump has never done
a day’s work in his effete life.
But promised shit to workers.
Trump has never paid taxes
like a real person, but figured
out how to promise tax relief.
Trump changed his story
on every damn issue
every damn year and says,
‘trust me.’
Trump said how Hillary
used emails was worse than Watergate,
while he has been Nixon.
Trump has threatened nukes
and threatened protestors
when he has never been in a fight.
Trump says ‘fuck you’ to all the people
he can’t understand,
and revels in being impossible to understand.
Is it about Hillary because you hate women?
That’s what it’s all about for Trump.
Trump is a gold painted frame
to a piece of art that is not there.
Who got fooled by that?


About mrsorenson

NOT my president
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