Better Than What

I have a sense of geography
you have a sense of propriety
it’s east and west
it’s better and best.

Half of us want to be told what to do
the other half is more than willing
to tell them
and then sell them.

The party of privelege builds fences
the party of opportunity takes no chances
it takes all kinds
of half-baked minds.

If every man was six feet tall
if every woman was a barbie doll
if we all lived on the same side of town
with everyone a boss and no workers at all
if beggars ate fishes and horses were fried
if kings were in the kitchen and cooks wore the crowns …
would we know the difference?
would god still be omniscient
if upside down
was inside out?

Do you really want to fix things?
try equators and gold rings
to make north south
takes more than mouth.

If you think you have a better idea
you must be more than just sincere
to turn east west
to make better best.


About mrsorenson

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