List of Lists

(assignment and fulfillment)

A list poem is easy
but difficult. The listing
can be done with only
the eye leaving out
all other senses all
associations those

So saying
what you see has a kind
of nice coherence begging
for more, for metaphor,
for levels fingering each other
for arc, drama, pathos.
For art.

So make a list now
get out paper and pencil
or whatever utensil or gadget
you are used to to do
what poets do when given
time and a prompt
and a look around.

If you need pushing
into the pond listen
to these lists suggested
by the mind of morning
darker than it looks
and with more structure
than a sequence.

Days of the week
Objects left in a drawer
Ways to threaten an enemy
A few reasons for leaving a lover
Flowers and veggies in your garden
The bodies buried in your back yard
Some past lives forgotten and remembered
Words that almost rhyme with ‘past’
The assembling and dispersal
of birds. The seasons in
the wrong order.



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