The entrepreneur and lover
could see into the future
it came to him in lines
and curves of various times.

He saw the need for a cure
converging with what were
tangential details to some
but emerging theory to him.

The lover part of the man
walked in colors and aromas
seen and smelled like actors
in a movie he directed.

We must of course mention
there were limits to his vision
but those could be sensed
enough to plan defenses.

Between the threads strife
like in everyone else’s life.
The thousand strands in the web
must be managed in the head.

The inventor wrote a prospectus
attracting significant investors
One of them a blonde who
responded romantically.

Like a whirlwind as they say
all the angles made their headway
every goal and bug double-checked
and the day came to go public.

In bed both feeling and free of trouble
the idea man and wall-street woman
worked through each other’s parts
to chart a course through the rocks.

Can you can I appreciate how
lips lavande and throat jaune
resting upon breast so rosé
can be trusted in mutual sway?

The transactional maze unfolded.
Rich they were as if that mattered.
The management team drank champagne
smiling the grins of another plane.

Within a year as you might guess
heads were rolled and yes the boss
was curtly removed and replaced
by an intimately familiar face.

A coup they thought those pirates
with eyes bloodless and silent.
They would fire all the brains then
take the technology and sell it.

The entrepreneur and his lover
who had seen into their future
followed the lines and worked the curves
to drive them where they all deserved.

The blonde took the stained reins
of corporate power and maintained
the ship upon its first course
with all the hijackers purged.

Seen from the very earliest moment
how the urge for good is balanced
by the bad of greed and why
the laws of strategy apply.

What now you ask dear reader will
follow their success and thrill?
What is to flower from this filigree
of vision? Can you not see?


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