Sociology in a Nutshell

Coffee nursed
on the front porch
watching neighbors taking off
in their usual
cars and trucks
gotta be wherever
on time.

What do they have
that you don’t have?
You know some stuff too
you used to do
all that stuff
all week and bring home
a paycheck.

Not having a job
it’s like an injury.
You limp and compensate
always and never
visible but noticed
by anyone and you know
they know.

You bicycle past
businesses you went to
to fill out an application or
talk to the manager
a few times until
they abandoned the polite

After time enough
to forget has gone by
you feel it in the morning
and by the evening
heavy like a badge
like a uniform it is your

Those who have
got what they’ve got
call the shots for those
who have not
and there it sits.
This my friend is sociology
in a nutshell.


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2 Responses to Sociology in a Nutshell

  1. LiteraryFuzz says:

    This feels all too relatable. Great stuff!

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