Fit Together Strangenesses

In this our usual place
all these things go together like
charms on a necklace circling
the dome-topped central station.

Bland walls with bad art
excessive air conditioning
guilt over being late and
monotonic big-beat songs.

Divine water down drains
food filling blue dumpsters
neatness beyond all reason
semi-true nods to need.

Quick talk stirring up
top layers of commonly known
urban accounts of mysterious
happenings and nonhappenings.

Buzzing of electricity
constant and busy as lice
in buildings top to cellar
an inarticulate symphony.

Advertising meant to be
subtle but glaring like lights
on a flashing ambulance
on every spoon, fork and knife.

One plugging-away problem
with transforming your life
is that it will not be
the same any longer.

Somewhere else in a painting
in a short story read once
or in a poem read twice
fit together strangenesses.

Tarot cards on the floor
animals all over the leftovers
pleasures taken even seized
in beds and in conversations.

Starting and ending days
with walks down dirt roads
trying to outdo the nothing
nature packs into birds.

In this a long-gone place
all these things go together like
flame wax apple heather
like we cannot imagine.

Problem stronger than a pill
in changing your life from star
to star is that no longer will
you recognize who you are.


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