Spent On Breakthroughs

Pulled over for speeding
spent an hour maybe two
at the old courthouse
in Burlington Iowa.
I looked at my shoelaces
and thought about the river
just over there going
south to the gulf.

Too young to know better
hitchhiking to Toronto
almost to Detroit in November
nobody would pick me up.
A cinderblock reststop bathroom
light on all night kept me
alive. Damn that cold lesson.

Spent morning and afternoon
in a blizzard in Providence
stuck in a food court forced
off the highway trying to call
my boss as the snow piled up
people braver than me
stopping for donuts.

Spent a whole summer
on the north shore of Oahu.
Water rough sand smooth
daily limits descending
in short showers leaving
my dusty eyes washed.
So I watched.

Ten years give or take two
or three or more stuffing
my fists into pockets cussing
spent it married somewhat
truffle-sniffing in a forest
not mine not hers not ours.
Over, it was glorious.

Meditating or more accurately
waiting for clarity to be tapped
out of the bark like syrup
that cannot ever be bottled
which whistled at smiles
in whose crystalization
is mirrored perceived trials.

From beardless cheeks to
unbending knees I spent
harvesting fruit from orchards
digging the unseen from bumps
in the dirt. Spending more
choices and time on being
caring and cared for.

The slower the clock the less
you look for any measurable
productivity. You walk
to the store and never get there
but stroll down the avenue
spending your laissez-faire
on the odd breakthrough.


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