How Long How Patient

Who will appear
to be concerned
in the waking eye
promising home
and independence?

Drugs wore off
ambivalence set in
healing began
staring at walls
picked up speed.

Storm of pinched
statements unclear
to the unconnected
one word came
off ‘amputated’.

Last memory
in shaken slices
odor of charred
spicy jerky in
a lower quadrant.

Therapists slipped
in daily and left
when time was up
lethargy strengthened
will dropped.

How long how
patient is the bed
comfort only in
cranked up drip
and extended sleep.

At ten the cold spring
creek swept him hands
and elbows broken
downstream until
he lived again.

Who will appear
suddenly bedside
to pull him out
splint him up for
the next twenty years?


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