My Elusive Life

My bell-wrung childhood
took too long
my schoolish gradations
got spelled wrong
I married too early
like a ding-dong
beginnings bobbled
like a roughed-up
christmas tree.

I was not well-suited
to working a job
hid out in colleges
to stay out of trouble
inventing answers to
imaginary problems
formative fumbling
between pages
of untitled books.

Lost at sea
no sails no oars
after my whaling ship
was crushed by the roar
of fifty-foot questions
no ifs ands or for whats
wives of thunder
children flashing
bolts of survival.

Nowdays I stare
at a rumbling ocean
back on a bench
in resonant motion
translating the violence
of the deep into caution
that suits my gamey
and rolling fascination
with inky monsters.


About mrsorenson

NOT my president
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