Why Not Travel

With guard up the synaptic
dynamo chugs and generates
the web woven perennially
wallpapered like yesterday.

Staying in the same place
day and night and between
waking and its opposites
aggravates the arthritic.

Providence is knotted up
the trash recycled and coffee
prepared and drunk exactly
and properly to take its effect.

We have to get out of here
traveling transports
brings, sends, jogs all
sorts of future memories.

Brain’s suitcase is filled
with surprising cargoes
with canyon echoes
with voices of boundaries.

Lines crossed, disrespected
cursed or barely navigated
every view and turn requiring
minimal trimming up.

The apprehended is slipped into
inappropriately colored cases
to facilitate packing in maximal
density the seminal.

Unique distinctions creep
out of walls and cliff faces
speaking out of the hues
of newness invitingly.

Where I sit I sit but
where I travel I am
offered, discovered
embraced, absorbed.


About mrsorenson

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