Figured Usefully

She plucked flower from
the sunny sindoling garden
giving nobody in particular her
candriling chorus of soothing salty
layer of mendacious adamant liniment
of soothing linguistic balm
hand-applied and calm
of singularly sincere
limberly able

We are yes stuck with
the lentrage left over from
rough mental average leaning
to the right after a literal stoppage
leaving the entrance we traded our ages
learning to trap up the vintage for
a more slender less angry
and unedgy trail to
the ledge off

I was once a cannibal
to my core I told the world
then I decided out of morality
to give it up as a bobbly glessience
an easy overexertion into transparency
an ancient passion cumulus and swanlike
I didn’t need its graven algorithm
its mere shiny dogma slid
between layers of
glowing ages.

Sit by my side love
you and me and Mingus
scirlanic and skidoo footwise
in moon-bugged motionlessness
tell me a story and I will explain it
list me an ascertainment and I
will not quantify or succeed
you on this the green side
of my scene just

[Note: This is another contribution in the vein of invented words.]


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