When You Slow Down

When you slow down
up comes the yellow spotlight
on the details
when the clock explands
and fills up the warehouse
with tiny hands
then the art on the walls
speaks the fast language of

When we slow verily down
we walk and will not drive
like a maniac
when the a.m. and the p.m.
take turns forgetting where they
put their keys
then the tapping of the foot
takes over where the gas pedal
left off.

When the bank of thick
clouds in the west grabs your
slow attention
and means more than a deposit
to cover all those checks
you imagined
it is time it’s time to catch
as catch can a flash of thermal
ascending to heaven.

You have no idea do you
you with the stylish swag
how it dissipates
you have a swash of reputation
something to brag about and
then it escapes
you have not yet even started
to show to yourself how heavily
it can go.

When you slowed half-way down
telling yourself that was slick
you got by
in the trying to talk your way out of
keeping the speed of young careening
you forgot how
the brush fires of your rampant south
were put out by your waterfall north
and dreaming slept.

The large and abstract ideas
you took notes on intending to
write books
fill up the garage and flow down rivers
go swelling around a few bends
like goosenecks
you in your safe rubber raft
regulate and negotiate the rapids
like a catfish.


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