Life Out Here

This is dedicated to all those kids
walking around the city streets
plugged in and heads down
lost and not about to be found.

You were looking at your phone
you didn’t see that Venezuelan plum
across the street every damn day
as you left in the morning on your way.

Wake up
look around
put down that small
and selfish screen.

You were looking up at the big game
the referees were not to blame
when that blonde headed for the door
as you were following the score.

Twenty four hours
mostly artificial
pushing buttons and
staring at pixels.

You were gazing into the mirror
at your skin, at your hair
you didn’t hear your sister crying
face in her hands in the other room.

Other people are
in your life or
at least want to be
if you let them.

At the beginning you were part of everything
born naked and taking it all in
what’s the password backward
to life in your very own skin?


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