Good Boy Rather

Reached out a hand in
affectionate recognition
the cat’s head up to

Here and there quotes
dressed up in periods
pockets full of commas
fat wallet flush with
exclamation points but
through the arteries
red pumped question

What my mother said
when I was ten to
my brother was follow
your brother to fetch
from the store a can
of praise.

Marriage’s grammatical
secrets divvied out
never did translate
to the splendid language
out of the angel’s mouth
but got written down in

Try like a smart kid
when nobody is looking
to climb Mt Vesuvius
the bruises from failure
to learn what a male does
on the heart’s thighs remain
blue like swollen knuckles
as reward for striving to

In my swing my
pendulum from child
to philosopher I close
my eyes feeling the fall


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