Truth in Colorado

Walking until soreness turns
left and left and left again so
you unpack and repack the car
with your not-so-splendid possessions
like a bird cage full of good memories.

New apartment oldish house
like nowhere ever seen before
you passed through this hayseed
town of a palm-crossed whore of a
one-night stop a year ago.

Strike-two spider in the linens
dim-sum hand-in-the-pocket
cheeky-tongued assonance
what we agreed upon early
was taken by the early bird.

Back-lit middle-of-the-summer
fully populated short branches
where the small hides and large
breaks and sun repairs next
year with a vengeance.

So long ago I am a regular
at the chinese place behind the pawn
shop that gave me a month’s rent
for my wedding ring what good
it was to be disenchanted.

A fly on the screen or a screw
on the floor of the garage or a box
from the liquor store carried across
the continental divide five times
separated from joy by maturity.

In a poker game after hours
in my security guard uniform
I drank too much and bluffed
with a pair of jacks and the threat
of another I changed my spots.

Everything back in the car front
and back seat and trunk with junk
leaving what I had acquired within
this last magical year of loneliness
the mountain pass rang true.


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