Fabulous Nothing

Steering wheel in a knot
caught up in where to go
right or left or in wide circles
don’t know what I can know
only that fast is slow
past is ahead, all the signs are wrong
short is long, now is late.

First, second, driving to Manti
third, fourth, seen from a bird’s eye
view, all there is is the dry high
and fabulous nothing.

Habits grow in a bottle
add just a little water
slaves are grown in mental shackles
fed on thinking they’re free
unable to disagree
individuals marching in a row
all tied up in a bow.

On southward, Marysvale, then where?
Some slim canyon to drive through
onward and still counting crows
what do you suppose is there?
Fabulous nothing.

G69 /// ////
G69 /// GMa7 ///
D /// //
//  Cm7 ///
G6 ///  D7 ///
G /// Dm7 ///

BbMa7 / A7 / CMa7 ///  [NV] Am7 /// Fm7 ///
G7 / D69 / C / Bb /
Am7 ///  Gm7 ///
F7 ///  [NV] Am7 /// Fm7 ///  D69 ///


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