Not Obvious

Outsiders have no clue
how she puts up with my
rhyme-slimed impracticality.

It is not obvious or clear
to children or beginners
how to cut a deck of cards.

The idea behind it is a nest
of concepts animating the words
rather like when a stranger
to church thinks the candles
are too dim for the room.

When your father comes to visit
your home and doesn’t know
where anything is or why
you don’t wake up at four
or water your lawn daily.

It is not obvious or clear
how to work a corkscrew
or write a song or poem.

Sounds easy but it’s not
without years of layers
of linkages of precious

logic women into breathable
air that can be articulated
only by native lungs

only by a man of experience
with a woman of overlapping
fitting but a kindly distinct
macreame of scaffolding
like you.


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