Going In Relation

In trying to get circuits circling
I squared the curve and sat back
aftermath of breakfast crumbs
questioning belly and stubbed toes
gone to where nourishment goes
I made a list not finished
possibilities paths to viewpoints
took although not wholeheartedly
a gamble although not the riskiest
a mirror reflects unlike its subject
a table is flat but not a forest
a cup is broken but not a basin
a sconce in the bathroom but none
in the rooms where we bump
into furniture trying to get out
framed but not wishing to stay
locked like the door that separates
the moment into dendrites
the engram into light and dark
hatchings given by the artist
to our reduced dimensionality
day is drawn in pen and ink
details missing I think in depth
the list and its shadow like teeth
grind the contents of the gut
until it’s time to get going
in relation to some horizon.


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