Daily Story Half Ahead Rising

The story goes that the traveler
in the heavens the sun wakes
and works and rests and sleeps
around the clock the earth around
our living.

A clear morning has no consternation
built up from the previous evening
or previous season quite misfit
to the present willing and generous

The story goes that Jesus the son
of a carpenter but not himself
a carpenter rose on the third
morning but before him was Lazarus
among others.

I wake up you wake up Uncle
Sol wakes up at the appointed
hour appointed by the loosening
of the windings up of our various

My stars and moons and ethers
lie stored and ordered in my cave
nightly meditations deposit them for
withdrawal when I am brave and
wise enough.

The story as it is often told goes
from its foundation to its sensible
apex but often in the opposite
direction or one not measurably

Burdens may be borne or carried
or transferred onto the bent backs
of porters or camels or convenient
loved ones or into tomorrow’s

The sun chases away the recurring
dreams the eyes wake to seeing
all of childhood’s jaunts and flips
all my young man’s somersaults
kick in.


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