The Productivity of Starting with No Plan

The family sat around the table
the tribe circles and fires burned
the city at the crossing open-mindedly
allowed its own mapping out to fall
from the sky.

Two humans within them numbers
of offspring beyond computation
looked up at the moon just a sliver
knowing it would fill up one day
like a pinata.

Two poets over snacks fretted over
open pages no stars no constellations
in the blue they brought to the task
either light to dark or the other way
out of the obscure.

What will I invent today? said a scientist
Give me a need or give me a technology
and I will apply spit and wire
first however I will start a company
and hire a salesman.

The flock began before any birds
took flight or even fell out of the nest
without translating beak or wing to words
their story billowed and swelled
and took me with it.


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