Hearts Bones Vocabulary Strewn

A family’s eyes choose to see and not to see
and names are given in sacred blessings
we rattle off categories we usually agree on
in the vocabulary of the dinner table.

Some people do not get what they deserve
and some people do not deserve what they get.
Everyone gives and gets a boat-load more
than what adds up or does not.

Old people jog trying to recover
the health they lost and the young walk
slowly heads down eyebrows hovering in
the forest of messages without talking.

When something happens to a blonde wife
does it happen to the bald husband too?
If they respond will both of their lives
stumble over the strewn consequences?

Try to make someone feel a bit better
tell them everything will be all right
nobody believes it but it must be said
if you put the bit in they will bite.

Since the stone age we have gathered
nuts and acumen hidden in caves
kept in pots and banks and in the hands
of the keepers incapable of handing it out.

For as many generations as we conceive our
natures hidden under blankets and gravestones
tongues sharp and teeth omnivorous
our species masticates hearts and bones.


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