East on 80

East on 80
half a day to Truckee
craft beer and real ravioli
once around the lake
what are you doing right now?

East on 80
I can see the Ruby mountains
Elko far from everything
I left in Mendicino
where are you sitting right now?

East on 80
Laramie and Cheyenne calling
the bigness of the small
through the vast, driving fast
where you going right now?

East on 80
through Lincoln, below Chicago
today how far can I go
as the crow flies not caring
where you may be hanging out?

East on 80
wet and dark through Joliet
into Indiana, clear to Cleveland
starting to feel free of reality
into Pennsylvania high on misery.

East on 80
sun rising behind all the signs
two hands on the hot wheel
crossing the last of the state lines
from regret into the surreal.

East on 80
until it was not 80 any more
over some bridges into a sea of city
I pulled off the highway and saw the shore
and saw my future in the grafitti.

What are you doing
right now? Who are you sitting with
right now? Where are you hanging out
and where are you headed? I know
no way it will be east on 80.


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