Kumquats Snails Salt and Emeralds

(an animal allegory)

Rough day one of many
big hail little snail
seeking some slight shelter
crawls right into danger.
This is me. This is you,
transient as rabbit stew.

Back side to the sun
in the desert keep moving
heavy stiff-legged camel
bearing salt and emeralds.
This is you, this is me,
following up the family tree.

Jealous leopard peers into the eddy
wondering how wonderful the life
of the eel circling without a worry
in its rocky allegory.

Lemur eyes a little wide
spies a kumquat on a limb
out to get it branch breaks
too much is what it takes
if you were another creature
you would need another nature.

[4/4] Bm7 ///  Gm7 ///
Bm7 ///  Gm7 ///
F#7 ///  G#m7 / A7 /
F#7 ///  G#m7 / A7 /
[3/4] D7 //  A7#5 //  F#7 // G //

A6 ///  Dm7 ///
Am /// Dm9 ///
G ///  ////
Am / Bm / Dm9 ///  C7 /// G11 ///


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