Gone Reflected Upon

Reflect upon the unfolded way
open the sectioned fan so day
can escape the night and run free
bringing itself back to me

Sometimes I wish I could’ve been
a teacher or a librarian
telling kids where to go
to find out what they think they know.

Off and on I wish I’d have had
a better reason for being so sad
something I could’ve pointed to
some event maybe I could undo.

There were a few times when I lost it
when rationality was taken hostage
and what was in my heart exploded
when pure desire came out melodious.

Times like that give life meaning
it is truth when the world is screaming
when angels can confront their demons
and man comes to terms with woman.

Wished for wisdom when I was young
I wish for youth now that  I’m old
sorry but it doesn’t work that way
you can’t keep the hot from getting cold
or something like that.

I had ideas seeded in my head
as a child that now have spread
their wings to migrate east west
alive no longer just professed.

Over borders over lively seas
living like bees hoarding honey
we all pushed out our buzzing wants
became wise beyond renaissance.

Only a mirror immune to response
one eye leapt over the other’s fence
works of art in hive of heart
looked up and down at then
seen in sun.


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